An apology

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Aug 22 09:13:36 MDT 1999

I want to offer my sincerest apologies to Mario and every other
Portuguese-speaking member of the list, including all the Brazilians and
João in Portugal. As often happens in cyberspace, where power of the "send"
key can pre-empt intelligent and reflective thought, I spoke hastily and
chauvinistically. In point of fact, there is no reason to assume that
English or Spanish are privileged tongues here. I welcome the day when
other languages will become used routinely here and encourage Mario to post
in Portuguese, if for no other reason to set an example for the kind of
global communications Marxists need.

Ironically, the day I sent my boneheaded message off to the list, I
received a notice from H-Latam (Humanities--Latin American History), a list
that I had just joined, advising me to be prepared for frequent posts in
Portuguese and Spanish, given its focus and subscriber base. I think I will
update the information that goes out to new subscribers to the Marxism list
making the same point.

Louis Proyect

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