Venezuela's "New Age Peron"

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Sun Aug 22 07:40:07 MDT 1999

Yes, I posted the story from "The Independent" not because I endorsed its
viewpoint (which I find pretty weird indeed) but as yet another example, for
the information of comrades, of the coverage of Venezuela going on right now
in the "mainstream" press in the "international community" of the "West" --
where there seems to be a rapidly growing disinformation campaign against
Hugo Chavez  -- leading up to you-know-what?

Perhaps some British comrades on the List could help me out here.  What I
know about "The Independent" is that it seems to be a somewhat left-leaning,
not to say radical, newspaper.  Unlike "The Guardian", which beat the
wardrums heavily for Tony Blair and Clinton during the Yugoslavia
aggression, "The Independent" took a somewhat more independent stance.  I
link fairly often to its stories -- again not because I endorse them in all
or even most of their particulars -- on my own Web site because of this and
because they actually do some  real journalism with reporters or
correspondents in different parts of the world and they don't simply reprint
wire stories (which is all-too-common for most newspapers nowadays).
Unfortunately, "The Independent's" Web site stopped assigning bylines to the
articles so it's much harder now to judge who's doing what and so forth.

I take this opportunity again to invite folks on the List to send me your or
your group's more theoretical analyses of this and other situations around
the world for linking to or posting on my Web site, which is widely visited.
I am hoping soon to be providing more coverage of both Venezuela and
Colombia.  Help me out, if you can!

Best wishes,

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Julio Fernández Baraibar wrote:

> What in hell is this piece of shit?What is "The Independent".My God.
> Always the same story."Salsa Nation"! Bolivar Messianism! Carlos el
> Chacal!With quotation of Garcia Marquez and the renegate and spanish
> citizen Vargas Llosa included.Julio F.B.

I supect Jay posted it just because it is a piece of shit. I find it
interesting because it seems to lay out the whole framework
the imperialists will put forth as their rationale if they decide
that Chavez must be crushed. As you say, it has almost
everything in it.

Not long before the crushing of Allende the New York Times
published an editorial in which it said Allende could be tolerated
as long as he did not tamper with the judiciary or the school
system. The crucial point was the writer's assumption that the
Times had the right to judge what was and was not proper for
the people of Chile. This article in The Independent shows the
same assumption.

Jay, can you give us a bit more information on The Independent?
Is it "merely" some rightwing rag or does it speak for government
and ruling class policy?


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