[BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

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Sun Aug 22 01:43:50 MDT 1999


        This is my first post to the list.  I'm a member of YPSL, SP-USA.
Please, don't tear into me too harshly.  My only posting experience is
RedYouth and SocialistsUnmoderated.

        First of all, what's up with the recent politkal trend of employing
proletariat-oriented lingo to win an election?  Have many of the world's
inhabitants become so desperate for worker's representation that they'll vote
for any party that holds the title 'Communist', or 'Socialist', with little
or no investigation into who the party members are, what their platform is?
It seems South Africa, once Africa's last remaining hope for a moderately
well-run state, has turned into yet another capitalist dictatorship, absent
of the eurocentric Marxist provences.  Is the SACP making any drastic,
sweeping changes that are the least bit communistic?  Pardon my ignorance on
the matter.  I hope someone can bring me up to date.

In Unity, Cde. William G.S. Jarrètt

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