Becoming Aware, was Re: [L-I: IN 20

Andrew Wayne Austin aaustin at
Sat Aug 21 17:03:26 MDT 1999

Responding to Carrol's remarks:

It is not necessary that workers be trained in scientific historiography
to be conscious of their class interests. But the working class does need
organic intellectuals trained in scientific historiography so this
objective class can become a class for itself. That these intellectuals
are very few, that populism and its emphasis on anti-intellectualism
alienates many workers from the tools they need to understand their class
position, and that the structure of liberal-bourgeois society
systematically thwarts the development of class consciousness among
subalterns, the working class is generally ignorant of its interests,
which is precisely why the working class is not organized for class
struggle. The working class is not a political class. This is what is
painfully obvious.


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