Soviet statistics

Russell Grinker grinker at
Sat Aug 21 07:02:25 MDT 1999

Paul Flewers wrote:

>This [Trotsky's approach in the '30s] is considerably different to
Trotsky's approach during the period
>of War Communism, in which one would be hard-pressed to find any
>reference to market measures, gradualism or, most importantly, workers'

But this is hardly surprising given what was faced by the Soviets in the
"war communism" period.

Suspension of normal peacetime democratic rights, free debate, elections and
market forces (and indeed enforcement of conscription and even martial law)
are generally held to be acceptable in any capitalist country in wartime.

Likewise, Trotsky's approach in this period was determined by desperate
circumstances.  But for the Soviet Union the rules change.  Harsh measures
enforced under wartime conditions are somehow unacceptable and even said (by
some) to be the origins of subsequent Stalinist deformations.  It just isn't
logical to compare Trotsky's position at a time of war and social collapse,
with his arguments during the '30s.


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