Fwd: [BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Sat Aug 21 03:28:22 MDT 1999

>I cannot believe that imperialism or the South African big bourgeoisie
>will allow a "peaceful transition" from
>the South Africa of today to a Socialist South Africa without doing its
>utmost to make counterrevolution and civil war.  I don't say that such a
>thing is ABSOLUTELY impossible.  MAYBE it will turn out, from a historical
>perspective in the future, that the military struggle for socialism in
>South Africa was fought in the period 1976-1994.  MAYBE it will turn out
>that the bourgeois forces (in South Africa and in the imperialist world in
>general) miscalculated badly when they suspended their military resistance
>to the ANC's taking office, in the hopes that they could co-opt the ANC
>and that in the post-Gorbachev era nobody would dare to talk of socialism
>ever again.  MAYBE it will turn out that the ANC is so
>firmly in control now, and that the military and political position of the
>bourgeoisie is so weak now, that if the ANC government moves to the left
>and begins to expropriate the means of production, the bourgeoisie will be
>powerless to do anything but bewail their sad fate and bitterly blame each
>other for the 'disaster'.  BUT I DON'T REALLY EXPECT THIS.  And if such a
>thing is at all possible, it will only because the working-class forces
>have prepared themselves politically and militarily for combat to such an
>extent that the bourgeoisie are terrified to fight them.  The old adage
>"if you want peace, prepare for war" is quite applicable here.
>I don't blame the SACP for not posting their military revolutionary
>strategy on their website, of course.  I just hope they have one.
>Lou Paulsen

Ground control to Lou Paulsen:  Are we perhaps in different universes or
does your uncritical adulation for "third world" nationalist politics blind
you totally to the fact that today's SACP is little more than a branch
office of the ANC, to be trotted out occasionally when it's necessary to
mobilise a bit of radical rhetoric [usually in the annual bargaining season
or at party conference time]?


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