Fwd: [BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Sat Aug 21 17:12:32 MDT 1999

Russell wrote:

> Ground control to Lou Paulsen:  Are we perhaps in different universes or
> does your uncritical adulation for "third world" nationalist politics
> you totally to the fact that today's SACP is little more than a branch
> office of the ANC, to be trotted out occasionally when it's necessary to
> mobilise a bit of radical rhetoric [usually in the annual bargaining
> or at party conference time]?

This is exactly the same argument that the colonized left in
Argentina -which my movement called sepoy-left- used again us in order to
condemn our critical defence of peronism from 1945  up till the eighties.
I think that Paulsen, myself and Russell are in different universes. He is
in the shining, wide and ethereal universe of the platonic pure ideas.
Paulsen and me try, I think, to live in the grimy, impure universe of
politics. In this universe is more important a "step forward in the real
movemente thna hundred programs".
Julio F.B.

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