BOOK: Former Soviet Dissident "Disses" the U.S.

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun Aug 22 16:25:57 MDT 1999

Jay Moore wrote:

> FYI.  Someone sent me this book publication notice.  I haven't seen the
> yet, but it sounds interesting and deserving of wider circulation. As I
> it, one of the key elements in rebuilding a revolutionary movement to
> challenge capitalism around the world is "dissing" the U.S. and unveiling
> the truth, not only about what it's been doing imperialistically in other
> places of the world, but also about the rotten, exploitative, and
> social relations festering in its belly (where I happen to live).  I've
> begun compiling the evidence, statistical, anecdotal and otherwise, for
> another Web page to add to my site.
> Question for discussion: why do so many people -- yes, I know very well
> there are many exceptions to this in the Third World, especially -- seem
> clueless and think, despite all the voluminous evidence that can be
> to the contrary,  that the U.S. is still some kind of "land of
> and "land of freedom"?  Is it just because of the pervasiveness (hegemony)
> of U.S. Disney/CNN/Voice of America, etc. propaganda?  Does the U.S.
> have a special appeal for people who already have a "petit-bourgeois
> mentality", or what?

One or two years ago Nestor found a page in the Web made by a estonian
disident who had landed in, I think, Chicago. I have lost the URL.
Nestor, if you still have it, send it.
The question is that this estonian made, in his page, an admirable comment
to his misunderstanding.
He confesses that he bought a myth, but you must read it. If Nestor has
conserved the adress.
Julio F.B.

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