FW: eco-racists plan protest of "Makah Days" and support of Gorton

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Subject: eco-racists plan protest of "Makah Days" and support of Gorton

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  "Makah Days" is a annual cultural festival put on by the Makah People
each year. This year the eco-racist organizations plan to protest this
event out on the highway that goes to the Makah Nation. Their stated
theme is "Boycott Neah Bay" (Neah Bay is where the Makah Nation is
  The eco-racists claim that they are not really racists and that they
have some support amoung the Makahs, if this were true why then do
they wish to protest a cultural event that is not connected to the whale
hunt? Do these same people protest cultural events by people from
Norway, Iceland, and Japan? These are the nations that want to bring
back commercialized industrial whaling. The eco-racists attack First
Nation's treaties with the U.S. Government, but do they seek to dissolve
the treaties between the U.S. Government and Norway, Iceland and
Japan? And will not a boycott of Neah Bay also harm those Makahs that
these organzation claim support them? The protest and the boycott is
aimed at the Makahs as a people and is an act of out and out racism!
  The AREAN is not calling for a counter protest this time because we
do not want to do anything that may help the eco-racists disrupt "Makah
Days". Rather, we are asking all people who wish to stand up against
this act of racism to send messages to the eco-racist organizations
protesting their actions (see the new update list of e-mail addresses
  Sen. Slade Gorton has a long history as being one of the most active
politicians in the racist anti-tribal campaign (along with the eco-racist's
other ally Jack Metcalf). He is best known for his long battles against
First Nation's fishing and hunting treaty rights (Gorton makes most of
his money from the Gorton seafood company, one of the U.S.'s largest
such companies which his family owns). Gorton also is very active in
working in the interests of the large lumber and mining companies and
has one of the worst environmental and human rights voting records in
the U.S. Senate. He has authored many anti-First Nations bills in the
Senate. He, along with the other rightwing anti-tribal activists, are using
the Makah whale hunt as a means to advance their goal of the
elimination of the treaties between the First Nations and the U.S.
  Sen. Gorton has started his campaigning for reelection and many of
the eco-racists have been coming out to his events in support of him.
Recently Sen. Gorton held an event in Friday Harbor where members of
Sea Shepherd, Sea Defense Alliance and other eco-racists
organizations presented Sen. Gorton with awards for his stand against
the Makah People.
  The eco-racists should not be viewed as environmentalists or a part of
the environmental movement. For they are selling out all environmental
issues by working with and supporting people like Gorton and Metcalf.
The AREAN calls upon all people that oppose the actions of the eco-
racists to send messages of protest to the e-mail addresses below.
                                                           In Solidarity
                                                           Arthur J. Miller
Eco-racist organization's e-mail addresses:
Sea Shepherd; seashepherd at seashepherd.org; seashepherd at t-
online.de; paulwatson at earthlink.net; nvoth at seashepherd.org;
bampei at pacbell.net; Sea Defense Alliance; sedna at envirolink.org;
PAWS; board at paws.org; awillow at earthlink.org; Washington Citizens
Coastal Alliance; dano at rockisland.com; World Whale Police;
wwp at worldwhalepolice.org; Anna Hall, organizer for the West Coast
Anti-Whaling Society; a_weyburg_steabnero at sunshine.net; Seattle
Earth First!; sea-ef at scn.org

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