Fwd: [BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Sun Aug 22 11:54:25 MDT 1999

James Blaut wrote:

>Is Russell actually asserting that there were Leftists in South Africa
>before liberation who oppposed it? Or does he mean by "local left" the
>white intellectual marxissant academics at Wits?

What I meant was that the left took a position that opposition to apartheid
had to take an anti-capitilist form and that the widespread nationalist
sentiment was irrelevant.  It therefore couldn't really relate to where most
people were at.

I'm not sure where Wits comes into the picture - I don't live in
Johannesburg and I'm not an academic.
>"Again my opinion is of little consequence.  The real issue is how to
>relate to a situation in which public disenchantment with political life is
>becoming the norm."
>Perhaps "public disenchantment with political life" is becoming the norm
>in South Africa's white universities


, but elsewhere? Nonsense.

My experience tells me it is.  A movement which was on the streets and
involved in armed struggle up to only 5 years ago is now invisible. Most
local structures are empty shells.  I don't know anything about your
experience of this country.  Lets leave it at that.
>Russell's opinion indeed is "of little consequence" until he goes beyond
>editorial writing to tell us something about his sources, his evidence,

I did try to offer what I thought were useful examples in my postings.  You
haven't responded to these.

his >orientation.

Lou Proyect can be consulted further for details.

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