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Thu Aug 26 09:38:39 MDT 1999

>... Furedi notes the emergence of a new moral climate in the sphere
>of sexual relations. He argues further that 'the impact of these changes
>goes way beyond the realm of sexuality' to discredit experimentation in any

Well, Frank might have a point here. Last weekend I picked up a young woman
in an East Village bar who said her name was Trudy Hell. She had had one of
the latest forms of body-piercing, a small metal sculpture of a
skull-and-crossbones that she had surgically implanted in her right
buttocks. The idea was to show the object in bas relief rather than in the
mundane super-dermal mode favored by most under-20s.

I brought her home with me after impressing her with all my wild 1960s
experiences, like driving my motorcycle 125 miles per hour from New Mexico
to Louisiana in under 12 hours, under the influence of LSD that Timothy
Leary had given me. (This was in my pre-Trotskyite days.)

So, back in my apartment I explained to her that the only way I could "get
off" was by listening to Paul Robeson while we "did each" other with those
vibrators with attachments that looked like giant squids. She said that the
vibrators sounded cool, but she drew the line at Paul Robeson.

I showed her to the door.

Louis Proyect

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