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Is this some kind of joke? Or perhaps another provocation from the
libertarian side?;they love to hear themselves talk, read their own sect
writings and generally provoke? Perhaps there is no response because we have
all been down this road with libertarians before. I still don't know why
Chomsky refers to himself as a "left libertarian" (an oxymoron as far as I
am concerned) as his solid work, and general worldview is far beyond the
usual pampered and insulated narcissism, selfishness, ultra-reductionism,
linear and vulgar positivism, ultra-individualism, etc "left" or right.

But I'll bite. What is  "dialectical libertarianism"? Is that the belief in
self-centered narcissism and greedy ultra-individualism BUT also believing
in a sense of community and community responsibilities to a broader
communuity of other self-centered, pampered and greedy ultra-individualists?

As for Ayn Rand, a true legend in her own mind, what does that proto-fascist
and elitist creature or her scribblings have to do with anything on these

As I know the libertarians and their wrecking tactics very well, this will
be my last comment; I do not engage them directly, they are not worth spit
but as a general comment, this is what I think about libertarians--"left" or
right, "dialectical" or narrow positivist, etc. They have no forum and no
roots beyond their own narrow little cliques, and they seek wider forums and
legitimacy by inserting themselves everywhere, infecting and contaminating
wherever they go. They are wreckers, in love with themselves and their own
rhetoric, they talk a lot but anything they do is ideological and to promote
their libertarian agenda.

I suspect that many feel this way, have been down this road before and this
is why no one has any "questions" for this guy--I certainly don't have any
"questions" as soon as anyone praises libertarianism or that creature Ayn
Rand. This is not an invitation to debate it is only an honest statement
about my feelings, experiences with libertarians and their intentions and
their agenda.

This is my last comment. Just ignore them and eventually they go away back
to their fellow self-absorbed narcissists to savor their "victories" over
the infidels.

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If anybody has questions for Chris Sciabarra on Ayn Rand, dialectical
libertarianism, etc., you can ask him directly through the list since I
just added him on his request.

Louis Proyect

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