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Thu Aug 26 11:46:31 MDT 1999

It seems rather odd for Faludi to counterpose the new insecurity and
alleged willingness of people to succumb to all sorts of risk mongering
to the pioneering spirit of adventure and discovery.  What exactly is
this spirit?  What has it led to in the past?(the destruction of
indigenous cultures comes to mind).  Does my inability to breathe
properly and my constant and new allergy attacks just reflect my
irrational fears or is the air just bad and filled with poisons? Does my
fear of the rampant destruction of the rain forests mean that I am not
adventurous and wanting to discover?  It seems Faludi has some
interesting things to say, but the conclusions seem a bit strained to

michael yates

Russell Grinker wrote:
> Louis Proyect wrote, quoting cyberpunk novelist Ken McLeod
> >"And - let's not be economist, let's learn something from Gramsci - they'd
> >have a place in a Left political journal, if they were integrated into a
> >coherent political analysis which made sense of the strange things that are
> >going on in the culture. Which they're not. >
> Given the growing influence of the Proyectite school of falsification (OK
> distortion), why not let LM speak for itself for a change?  Here's a bit of
> a review by Mike Fitzpatrick of Frank Furedi's book, Culture of Fear, in LM
> 103.  I think it
> sums up the coherence of the LM approach quite well.  Sorry it's a bit long.
> - Russell
> The strength of Frank Furedi's Culture of Fear is that it attempts to go
> beyond descriptions of the contemporary moral crisis to provide a social and
> historical answer to questions such as - why now? why in this form? and how

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