LM v Lou et al

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Fri Aug 27 14:39:47 MDT 1999

>>> Russell Grinker <grinker at mweb.co.za> 08/27/99 03:24PM >>>

>Charles: The social institutions didn't just weaken themselves, it wasn't a
spontaneous falling apart, They were bludgeoned to death by the imperialists
and state-monopoly capitalists. The culprits are still on the scence, and
the sense of fear of them is , again, well founded.

Really Charles?  Most of these institutions didn't really take that much
bludgeoning.  My experience was that the union bashers and neo-liberals were
(unfortunately) kicking at a pretty rotten door when they decided to put an
end to the form of class relations - and their institutional expressions in
the labour movement - that had existed since the War.


Charles: Are you saying they became rotten on their own in the main and not due to the
influence of the bourgeoisie ?


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