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Thu Aug 26 14:14:37 MDT 1999

Jose writes:
>I don'tsee why you're implying that certain oppressed nationalities
>aren't entitled to ALL national rights, including the right to
>self-determination.  If, say, the French Basques want to unite with their
>brothers and sisters south of the border and create an independent
> nation-state, why not? Ditto for the Catalans. Ditto for the Blackfeet
>and all other native peoples in the U.S.  As a practical matter, many
>such groups may not opt for this, or it may not even occur to them.

I agree with you on this but I wanted to explore the possibilities of many
forms of autonomy between assimilation and full national self
determination. I would also believe that it would be a gain in the context
of a United Socialist States of Europe if the "big" states were broken up
in the interests of a greater democracy.I think that oppressed nations
suffer from not just the obvious from of oppression economic and political
but from a national depression. A sort of belief that maybe they are
inferior. Hundreds of years of oppression damages the national psyche. A
great achievement of October was the flowering of so many national
cultures which were then reversed under Stalin.
>Then again, huge social upheavals have a way of changing such things.

The impossible things under Capitalism are possible under Socialism. In a
Socialist world size would no longer be a criterion for self
determination.Even now Italians in London and Paris can watch Italian
Television. The very small numbers Gaelic speakers of Ireland and Scotland
have their own Television stations, opposed by the assimilationist
philistines  for whom bourgeois notions of economic viability are the only
Feel we are on similar wavelengths.
Jim Monaghan

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