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marxism at,Internet writes:
>The fact is that without total separation, destruction of all trustee
>relationships, reparations payments for genocide etc, there will be no
>"nations within a nation" or even distinguishable Indigenous Peoples
>three to four generations. Clinton recently met with Tribal Chairmen of
>Dakota and Montana tribes. Among them I can tell you from first-hand
>knowledge, were two individuals--and probably much more--involved in
>corruption, murder, theft of Indian lands, wholesale looting of Tribal
>treasuries, narcotics trafficking etc and the Feds knew/know it well and
>Clinton of course had access to all of it. They do nothing about it
>they are committed to dealing with the "Indian problem" and taking the
>precious and mineral-rich lands through the new/not-so-new forms of
>"Infected Blankets" available and corrupt and sell-out Indians are central
>to that strategy. To suggest that Indigenous Nations fight for or accept
>anything less than total sovereignty/self-determination is like asking the
>Jew or Roma or anti-fascist to accept a ride in the train to an "unknown"
>destination from the nazi.
>Jim Craven

I agree with this. The point I was making is that there are variations
between assimilation and full self determinatuion. It is of course up to
the oppressed to decide where they want to go. I should have put "Viable"
in inverted commas as viability is different under Socialism than under
Alas though sympathic to the struggles mentioned I have only a cursory
For a world of diversity under Socialist relations between all peoples
Jim Monaghan

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