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Well, I'm glad to see we have such driving curiosity here!  If this is my
greeting, what's the departure like?
The only thing I can say, James is this:  Take a look at my work before you
pass judgment on it.  Your response is no different than those in the
Randian cult who have dismissed me as a Marxist.  I have been as critical
of libertarians as I have of Marxists, but I have drawn from both
traditions, and have had fun with colleagues on the left and the right.

At 09:26 AM 8/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Is this some kind of joke? Or perhaps another provocation from the
>libertarian side?;they love to hear themselves talk, read their own sect
>writings and generally provoke? Perhaps there is no response because we have
>all been down this road with libertarians before. I still don't know why
>Chomsky refers to himself as a "left libertarian" (an oxymoron as far as I
>am concerned) as his solid work, and general worldview is far beyond the
>usual pampered and insulated narcissism, selfishness, ultra-reductionism,
>linear and vulgar positivism, ultra-individualism, etc "left" or right.
>But I'll bite. What is  "dialectical libertarianism"? Is that the belief in
>self-centered narcissism and greedy ultra-individualism BUT also believing
>in a sense of community and community responsibilities to a broader
>communuity of other self-centered, pampered and greedy ultra-individualists?
>As for Ayn Rand, a true legend in her own mind, what does that proto-fascist
>and elitist creature or her scribblings have to do with anything on these
>As I know the libertarians and their wrecking tactics very well, this will
>be my last comment; I do not engage them directly, they are not worth spit
>but as a general comment, this is what I think about libertarians--"left" or
>right, "dialectical" or narrow positivist, etc. They have no forum and no
>roots beyond their own narrow little cliques, and they seek wider forums and
>legitimacy by inserting themselves everywhere, infecting and contaminating
>wherever they go. They are wreckers, in love with themselves and their own
>rhetoric, they talk a lot but anything they do is ideological and to promote
>their libertarian agenda.
>I suspect that many feel this way, have been down this road before and this
>is why no one has any "questions" for this guy--I certainly don't have any
>"questions" as soon as anyone praises libertarianism or that creature Ayn
>Rand. This is not an invitation to debate it is only an honest statement
>about my feelings, experiences with libertarians and their intentions and
>their agenda.
>This is my last comment. Just ignore them and eventually they go away back
>to their fellow self-absorbed narcissists to savor their "victories" over
>the infidels.
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