Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Fri Aug 27 11:40:25 MDT 1999

The point of view that Juan expresses holds what I meant in my mails on this
issue. In the same way his opinion on Alan Garcia´s rol.
Una pregunta dirigida a Juan: ¿Sos peruano?
Julio F.B.

> > But warts and all the struggle of the PCP lead insurgents deserve
> The problem with this argument is that it compares two things that don't
> compare in the way that Jim wants them to.  He would liken the PCP to
> the PCF which made errors but saw imperialism and nazism as the real
> enemies and thus fought the good fight.  But the PCP did not see
> imperialism as the main enemy.  No, that role it reserved for
> "revisionism."
> Consequently, its greatest fury was not turned against the
> multinationals or agencies of imperialist countries, but against the
> labor unions, the legal left parties, town mayors, union negotiators,
> popular organizations, community organizers, women's committees, etc.
> Thousands of militants, village elected authorities, and organizers were
> "anihilated" by senderista squads who did spout vicious sectarianism.
> - Juan

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