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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Aug 26 14:43:12 MDT 1999

Hello Comrade,

Would you mind giving a summary of your criticisms of libertarians and Marxists ?

Of course, there were "right" Hegelians, and Hegel's philosophy became , for a while,
a sort of state religion of the Prussian state which was very reactionary, so non-left
dialectics is not new. But... you know... that there are non-left dialectics is not a
good thing to leftists and Marxists.

Charles Brown

>>> Chris Matthew Sciabarra <cms10 at> 08/26/99 01:55PM >>>
Well, I'm glad to see we have such driving curiosity here!  If this is my
greeting, what's the departure like?
The only thing I can say, James is this:  Take a look at my work before you
pass judgment on it.  Your response is no different than those in the
Randian cult who have dismissed me as a Marxist.  I have been as critical
of libertarians as I have of Marxists, but I have drawn from both
traditions, and have had fun with colleagues on the left and the right.

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