LM v Lou et al

James Farmelant farmelantj at SPAMjuno.com
Thu Aug 26 14:24:22 MDT 1999

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:07:04 -0400 (EDT) Andrew Wayne Austin
<aaustin at utkux.utcc.utk.edu> writes:
>How can LM be said to not be able to speak for themselves? They have
>own website and a slick glossy journal, as well as several ideologues
>presence is felt on listservs and in books. Give me a break.

And they have free access to the British media.  Jim Heartfield's
wife produces documentaries bashing the environmentalists
for Channel Four, both Nick Hume and Jim Heartfield write
occasional op-ed pieces for newspapers like The Times or
The Guardian.  The by-lines of LM people appear regularly in leading
British magzines.  LM sponsors conferences that feature
noted celebrities from the literary, academic, and media worlds.
The LM crowd has no problems speaking for themselves.

                Jim Farmelant

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