On LM Re: Fidel vs LM

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Fri Aug 27 14:47:34 MDT 1999

If it were possible to abolish the IMF/World Bank, I would be for it. They are organs
of imperialism. I don't see their impact on the neo-colonies as positive economically
or ecologically, on balance. Let the African and Asian countries develop their water
cleaning and power projects independently of imperialism... if it were possible .


>>> Russell Grinker <grinker at mweb.co.za> 08/27/99 03:45PM >>>

Unfortunately just the kind of caution you're talking about is now very much
part and parcel of international development policy dictating the nature of
projects in those parts of the world subject to IMF/World Bank development
programmes.  Fewer and fewer major civil engineering projects are happening
as a result of this coalescence of a green outlook with the policies of
these international institutions.

So do we tell people in Africa and Asia to wait for clean water and power
until such time as we've put in place the kind of political order which can
ensure rational and conscious use of technology and thus reduce the side
effects of major developments?  Rather than put blanket bans on big projects
(see the current fetish much of the green left has about "big dams") why not
fight for the best we can get out of these people under the circumstances?


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