On Judging and not reading

Chris Matthew Sciabarra cms10 at SPAMis2.nyu.edu
Fri Aug 27 12:08:23 MDT 1999

Xxxzx writes:
>  Discussion is learning. If one person comments, "You cannot discuss
>it until you have read it", and no one has, then no further progress
>can there be made; and this can be carried over to countless areas.
>This is neither practical nor acceptable save for a small minority.

That was not my contention.  I did not say "You cannot discuss it until you
have read it."  I suggested that one cannot CONDEMN something without
reading it.  Unless we are all practicing clairvoyance.
I agree with Xxxzx on the thrust of his comment here about "a small
minority."  I think the great thing about the internet and lists like these
is that they are, in a sense, democratizing forces, allowing people from
different walks of life, academics, unionists, students, professionals, and
others, to enter into the dialogue.  I'd be the last to argue that only "a
small minority" that reads my work, or anyone else's work, is capable of
talking about the many important issues that concern all of us.

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