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Fri Aug 27 08:40:17 MDT 1999


        Good to back on the list again. I got back from France to find my
ISP in a right state, so it is a relief to finally be able to access again.

 On returning, I found a parcel from Yugoslavia - Maja sent me a T-shirt she
designed on behalf of 'Shelter Production', a Yugoslav firm which used to
work for multinationals but found itself out of business with the war, and
now produces many items to illustrate the effects, aims and causes of the
war. (Check their website out at http://www.shelter-production.co.yu/ -
there are numerous videos they have created you can download). Anyway, the
T-shirt has this written on it: 'All I've got from BELGRADE is this BLOODY
T-shirt', the 'bloody' written in elaborate red paint, speckled around it
like blood.

 Anyway, Maja and some people from all over the world (Yugoslavia, France,
Mexico, Belgium, etc...) are now setting up a website called 'Resistance'.
When it's ready I'll give the URL. Maja has been trying to get on with her
life since the bombing - as some might now she's a bit of a party animal and
so is trying to just enjoy herself. She tells me Nestor sent her some
magazines in which some of her numerous war letters have been published.

 At the beginning of the war I would have described Maja as apolitical,
considering the West to be a free and democratic place to live. The war has
in fact radicalised her, and she now calls for an 'independent leftist
party' (she says 'independent' because the so-called leftist parties in
Yugoslavia are in control of the regime, namely Milosevic's wife, or the
other parties are the puppets of Western imperialism). Let us hope this has
also been the case with other Yugoslavs. Though in the past 10 years she
taken part in numerous demonstrations against Milosevic - in which she has
had more than one close encounter with his specially trained police - now
she is a bit depressed, having seen all that political activity come to
nothing because of the incompetent bourgeois opposition leaders.

 France was interesting, and nice. Except on the journey back on the train -
I sat next to a bloke from Barbados, who was very matey. Unfortunately, a
bitter old couple behind me decided to espouse ultra-conservative views
throughout from Paris to London. The wife was screeching on about immigrants
coming in to steal "all of our benefits", and how they don't want an
interview they just want to "live like parasites on society". As she began
to come up with direct typical conservative racism against groups, I was
more than a bit embarrassed for my Barbadian friend. Then she had a wild
outburst against the French truck drivers causing so much chaos because all
they wanted was more money. Very enlightening indeed. Looking through her
copy of the 'Daily Telegraph', the only thing that didn't set her off was an
article about 'the right to protect your home'. I could not help but think
she was a complete stereotype of the self-centred conservative

 I was very much cut off from civilisation where I was staying, so may have
missed what the hell is happening in the world. I did come across some
interesting 'world changes' when I returned - the Guardian, which was
talking about 100,000 people being killed in Kosovo during the bombing
casually put it at 1,000-3,000 in an article; apparently 90% of the Kosovar
Serbs have been forced out; China appears to be returning to a degree of
socialised planning due to incoming depression, though is managing to fit
time in to prepare to invade Taiwan; and Stratfor seems to think Saddam is
about to resign.

 There is a very interesting website I recommend checking out, focusing very
much on the truth about Kosovo, called "The New Emperor's Clothing" based on
the tale (you know, everyone said the King had new clothes when in fact he
was naked because of the social pressures exerted on them, which it took one
small child to break). Find it at:


 Good to be back

Owen Jones

"Life is beautiful. Let the future generations cleanse it of all evil,
oppression, and violence and enjoy it to the full."

Leon Trotsky

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