Quarrelsome Stalinists

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<< Well, Sven is only the moderator, the "grassroots", so to speak, can be
 even more extreme. There were certain people praising "Pol Pot and the
 Cambodian Revolution". A lot of people, especially those that have just
 entered into Marxism, get shouted down very quickly. Most are just extremely
 immature - as I said, I got called a "bootlicker of capital and fascism",
 "more naive than evil", a "bourgeois counter-revolutionary", was told how
 ice picks were "marvellous inventions", and got expelled by being described
 as spreading "anti-communist propaganda in Marxist-Leninist disguise". I
 took the former as a complement. That's why I call the list a Stalinist
 police state in cyberspace. >>

I am on the Marxist-Leninist list also.  I am a member of the CPUSA and I
think some of the people on that list are terrible.  Whenever someone makes a
comment, they resort to name-calling and lecturing people on how they should
read more of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, instead of just offering their own
opinion in a civilized manner.  They just say that anyone whose opinion is
not the same as theirs is stupid, and that they are, as you said above

I am considering unsubcribing the ML list because I get tired of their
sectarian crap.  Owen, I am not a Trotskyist, but I would back you up before
I would any of those guys.

In Socialist Unity,
C.J. Atkins

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