Fwd: [BLACK-LEFT] SACP Speech to COSATU Congress

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Mon Aug 23 13:09:40 MDT 1999

>Charles: Lou Paulsen seems real down to earth and in touch with reality to
me, appropriately critical in his thinking. Where do you stand , Russell ?
Sounds a bit to the ultra-left to me.

A little bit lacking in finesse and probably too rude in a response written
in the heat of the moment - maybe.  Ultraleft?  I don't think so.
Unfortunately reality out here is a bit different from what all of us would
like.  But I suppose it's all relative to where you stand as well.  I've
attempted to clarify further what I meant in subsequent postings.

The outcome of the tomorrow's public sector strike action should clarify
things much better for all of us.

- Russell

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