The Amazon Journal of Roger Casement

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Tue Aug 24 13:04:56 MDT 1999

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Ever since, his place as the
outstanding humanitarian of his age has been overshadowed by the
controversy surrounding explicit sex diaries that he is alleged to have
scribbled whilst carrying out these investigations, extracts from which
were shown to influential figures at the time in a successful attempt to
undermine any campaign to have his sentence commuted

The introduction to this first edition of The Amazon Journal of Roger
Casement explores the background to the issue of those "Black Diaries" and
the manner in which the controversy surrounding them has clouded subsequent
understanding both of Casement the man and of his life's work. In the
process, it makes a formidable case for the argument that the "Black
Diaries" were forged.

Charles: This is an example of the double entendre of "racy" meaning sex and race,
like racy novels.

Mistah Kurtz, he dead.


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