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Mon Aug 23 07:30:49 MDT 1999

Louis writes in reply to Philip
>This is an ignorant comment. The peasants did not "arm themselves". They
>were organized into militias by the Fujimori government in an open bid to
>recreate the pacification hamlet politico-military structures of the
>Vietnam war. I suspect that everything Phil knows about the PCP comes from
>a combination of the bourgeois press and Trotskyist misinterpretation. As
>far as the Pol Pot charge is concerned, let me repeat what I posted here
>the other day as part of a longer article:

On a general point I believe that the real enemy of the Peruvian working
class is Imperialism and their native allies.My only knowledge on Peru is
Petras in the NLR and old articles by Hugo Blanco. The PCP became a threat
to Imperialism because of its ability to organise sections of the
peasantry.It fought a relentless enemy.Its history is not yet over.I
distinguis between the fighters in the field like the PCF French
resistance who made sectarian mistakes but whose main impetus was the
fight against Nazism and Imperialism and those who still spout vicious
sectarianism which leads to internecine violence

 I would also recognise its mistakes. The third period Stalinism where it
regarded its opponents on the Left as mere Imperialist agents. Even the
Vietnamese CP made similar mistakes.To be honest most armed revolutionary
groups tend to an exclusive attitude tro the revolution.

But warts and all the struggle of the PCP lead insurgents deserve praise.

The Left has a heritage parts of which is a millstone but when push comes
to shove the real terrorists are Imperialism and Fugimori.

In learning the lessons of the PCP heritage let us not throw out the baby
with the bathwater.

Jim Monaghan

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