'Cultural heritages'

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Aug 22 22:38:16 MDT 1999

Jim Monaghan writes:
>The Internet is a double edge sword. It can further assimilate national
>groups into a lowest common denominator culture based on English or it can
>act to preserve the unique cultural heritages of all national groups thus
>enriching our common cultural inheritance. The following web sites were in
>a recent article in the Irish Times. ( HYPERLINK

'Preserving unique cultural heritages' by definition does not 'enrich our
common cultural heritage', but obstructs the establishment of a common
global culture.

As far as 'preserving the unique cultural heritages of all national groups'
go, why would this be a liberating and progressive project?  Who wants to
preserve the 'unique cultural heritage' of Ulster Unionists, Afrikaners,
Zionists or, for that matter, the British, French, Germans, Americans etc

As far as oppressed peoples goes, 'preserving their unique cultural
heritage' sounds like a poor substitute for liberation, and merely a
rationalisation for continued socio-economic underdevelopment.

Philip Ferguson

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