Qadhafi: "Africa must unite"

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Wed Aug 25 16:19:11 MDT 1999

Saturday: 21 August, 1999: Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi in an
interview published Friday urged African nations to put aside their
differences and create a ``United States of Africa.'' Modern railways,
roads, and air links must be created to link the nations of sub-Saharan
Africa with those of northern Africa, Qadhafi said. He called on Europe to
help develop those projects. ``I want to create a new Africa,'' Qadhafi
told the French daily Le Figaro, saying the jumble of nations on the
African continent could not survive economically unless they united. ``It's
in the interest of Europe, of America, of China and of Japan that there
exists a group called the United States of Africa.'' Qadhafi said his
proposals for a united Africa were a result of Europe's desire to have
dealings with regional groupings rather than individual countries. [AP]

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