More on Roger Casement

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Aug 25 20:47:15 MDT 1999

>As far as I non-Irish know, the British government  returned the remains of
>Roger Casement only in 1965 to Ireland. What a long hatered. far beyond the
>Kurt Lhotzky, Vienna/Austria
>PS.: Thanks to Louis Proyect for the poem!
Thanks indeed to Comrade Proyect.  It is interesting to note that of the
Easter Rebellion figures at least two of the leaderes were gay. Patrick
Pearse himself and of course Casement.  But to say that in Ireland would
still be taboo.

When Collins was in London selling out to the British, they showed him the
Casement Diaries.  He apparently said they disgusted him.  In this context
it is intriguing to read Tim Pat Coogan's defence of Collins' own
'heterosexuality' inhis book on Collins.  I had never heard any rumours at
all about the 'Big Fella'.

Still I always believe the rumour.  Life is much more interesting that way.



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