"Riga Axioms" Research Query

Sam Pawlett rsp at SPAMuniserve.com
Tue Aug 24 19:03:41 MDT 1999

Craven, Jim wrote:
> Has anyone on the list done any work related to the so-called Riga Axioms or
> the Riga Group of the 1920s (Dulles brothers, Paul Nitze, William Bullitt,
> James Forrestal, Charles E Wilson, Phillip Reed of GE, George Kennan, Robert
> Murphy, Loy Henderson, Joseph Grew, Hugh Gibson, James Clement Dunn,
> Elbridge Dubrow, Ray Atherton, Arthur Bliss Lane etc) who advanced the
> notion of creation of a "cordon sanitaire" and social systems engineering
> "axioms"/tactics against the USSR and Bolshevism in general?
> I have read Daniel Yergin's "Shattered Peace: The Origins of the Cold War
> and the National Security State" and Martin Weil's "A Pretty Good Club: The
> Founding Fathers of the U.S. Foreign Service" but would appreciate any other
> references.

  Burton Hersch "The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Founding of
the CIA" is flawed but good. Bruce Cumings in his massive "The Origins
of the Korean War" has a good analysis of the Nitze written NSC 68 (one
of the most important documents of the cold war) and the associated
"rollback" mileau in US government/elite circles.

Sam Pawlett

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