National rights

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Wed Aug 25 20:37:11 MDT 1999

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<DIV><FONT color=#000000>I don'tsee why you're implying that certain oppressed
nationalities aren't entitled to ALL national rights, including the right to
self-determination.  If, say, the French Basques want to unite with their
brothers and sisters south of the border and create an independent basque
nation-state, why not? Ditto for the Catalans. Ditto for the Blackfeet and all
other native peoples in the U.S.  As a practical matter, many such groups
may not opt for this, or it may not even occur to them. </FONT></DIV>
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<DIV>Then again, huge social upheavals have a way of changing such things.</DIV>
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    </B>Wednesday, August 25, 1999 11:01 AM<BR><B>Subject: </B>National
    rights<BR><BR></DIV></FONT>I dont want to put words in Philips mouth so to
    write.<BR>I think that national rights can exist at a lot of levels that
    does not<BR>imply full self determination or separation. <BR>These can
    include provision for language rights.Schools ,newspapers,<BR>television
    etc<BR>Indigenous national groups ( Can I use the term nationality as a
    national<BR>formation that is not a fully fledged nation.) need and are
    entitled to<BR>some rights under this.<BR>The Jacobin French state
    discriminates against the other language groups<BR>in the state, Bretons,
    Basque, Occitans, Corsikans, Alsatians, Catalans,<BR>and Flemings.<BR>In
    Europe the isolated Slovaks of Jugoslavia (Serbia) come to mind, and
    of<BR>course the Vlach and Roma.<BR>The Blackfeet in the USA and Canada may
    not be a viable nation but there<BR>are rights as a people they are entitled
    to under any democratic norm and<BR>especially under the extension of
    democracy that I believe is Socialism.<BR><BR>Philip made a statement that
    Shakespeare belonged to world culture but he<BR>was a p[roduct of English
    culture and is a gift to the World by the<BR>English. ( Funny this from an
    Irish Republican, but then I am grateful to<BR>say the French for the gift
    of Republicanism)<BR>Marx/Engels said somewhere that German, French and
    English developments in<BR>thinking allows their thinking to develop. Cannot
    remember the quote.<BR><BR>Oh for a debate on nationalism and oppressed
    groups that covers all the<BR>variations.<BR>Jim

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