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U.S. must drop policy of stifling DPRK

    Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- The members of a delegation of the World
Peace Commission of the Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association, who had
participated in the international solidarity events on the occasion of the
liberation day of Korea (August 15), in a press interview expressed surging
indignation at the anti-reunification, anti-DPRK moves of the United
States, the very one who divided Korea into two, and the South Korean
    Head of the delegation O. P. Sharma, chairman of the commission, said
that the concrete wall is a product of the criminal moves of the United
States and the South Korean authorities who are trying to perpetuate the
division of Korea.
    If the South Korean authorities truly want the reunification, they must
discard anti-national attitude of confrontation, abolish the "National
Security Law" which defines the fellow countrymen in the north as the
"enemy" and pull down the concrete wall at once, he noted, and said:
    We will in the future, too, vigorously wage the international
solidarity movement for supporting the Korean people's just cause of the
reunification of the country and fight out for the demolition of the
concrete wall.
    A member of the delegation P. S. Shada, secretary general of the
commission, said the United States instigated the South Korean authorities
to build the concrete wall in its interests.
    The United States must drop the policy of stifling the DPRK and refrain
from blocking the reunification of Korea any longer, he stressed.

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