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* Interview with Cedda Prlincevic, leader of the Pristina
(Kosovo) Jewish community, driven out by the KLA.  Were
KLA actions "revenge" or part of a planned remaking of
Kosovo?  Has NATO been "helpless to stop it" or in charge?
Did Yugolsav Army forces commit atrocities during the
bombing? Or is this a libel? Prlincevic, an unimpeachable
witness, was chief archivist of Kosovo.  Here is an
EXCERPT from the interview:

Jared: Before, I asked you a question but you didn't
answer. The Press said the Yugoslav Army committed
atrocities against Albanians during the bombing. You said
the war was dirty. Could you tell us more?

Cedda: Why? Even if I speak about this, nobody trust the
Serbians. Even if I say no, it did not happen, nobody will
trust the Serbians.

Jared: But I don't know exactly what happened, we need to
know exactly -

Cedda: Even if I say no, even if one Jew coming from Pristina
would say this charge is not true, it is very hard to believe
because he can be a person who has some reason, he can
be accused of -

Jared: So what? So they won't believe you! Let them believe
what they will but at least if you say the truth it is being said.
Don't you see, the truth must be -

Cedda: I was completely out of the fighting between Army
and KLA -

Jared: But you were in Pristina. You are the Chief Archivist of
Kosovo. And you know! I am sure that you know! You know if
there were people going around massacring people, you know
from Albanian friends what was going on, you know if the Army
was involved, if CNN was telling the truth or lying, you know a
thousand times more than I do and if you can just tell the truth -
somebody has to tell the truth for God's -

Cedda: Alright.

Jared: And if bad things happened, say that - just tell the truth -

Cedda: Bad things did happen. But Serbians as a people as a
nation were not a nation which from the beginning of its history
till this day were doing genocidal atrocities. But there were
individuals who did certain things that should not have been
done. But somebody is taking this, exaggerating, trying to make
us the black sheep and - look, the Serbian people had no
problems with the ethnic Albanians and as much as they
saved Albanians the Albanians saved them especially in the
latest period, but as soon as KFOR [NATO] came inside and the
border was opened to Macedonia and Albania lots of outside
Albanians came inside and the end of it is a mess, killings. So
what I'm saying is during the bombardment in the places where
the people lived there was no massacre by the local population.
The Serbs were defending the Albanians from the paramilitary

Jared: Not from the Yugoslav Army? They didn't have to defend
them from the Army?

Cedda: Never from the Army, not from the police, not from the
 regular Serbs. No. But with the withdrawal of the army there
were paramilitary groups that existed on both sides - and that
 was when there was dirt.

Jared: But during the bombing?

Cedda: Then there was no massacring at all. For example in
Pristina we were sitting together with Albanians in the cellar,
in the basement.  (end of excerpt

Jared: From the bombs?

Cedda: From NATO. All of us together, "Gypsies", that's the
Romi people, Serbians, Turks, Albanians, Jews, tenants of the
same building. Together. We were together.


Best regards,
Jared Israel

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