san: [BRC-MUMIA] Police Threats will not Stop the Movement forMumia

Krishna Lalbiharie umlalbi0 at SPAMcc.UManitoba.CA
Wed Aug 25 14:20:36 MDT 1999

Police Threats Will Not Stop the Movement for Justice for Mumia
>Recently, the 3,000 delegates to the national conference of the
>Order of Police gave their approval to a national call to boycott
>and individuals who support justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal. FOP National
>President Gilbert G. Gallegos said that "We will use every means at our
>dis-posal to put these companies and individuals at an economic
>This action is a stirring testament to the growing international
>for Jamal. Yet whenever a national group of people trained in the use of
>force makes this kind of statement, it begins to take on the character
>extortion. Nor is the FOP a stranger to criminality. In the spring of
>the officers of FOP Lodge #5 in Philadelphia were convicted in federal
>of racketeering. When the arguments of those campaigning for Jamal's
>execution fail, they fall back on good old fashioned threats and
>Threats and intimidation are nothing new for the police. Police
>organizations have organized pickets outside of several events for Jamal
>New York. Last January when the band Rage Against the Ma-chine played a
>out benefit for Jamal in New Jersey, the head of the State Police
>the fact that there was no legal way to ban the concert. In the state of
>Washington, uniformed police showed up to protest the playing of Jamal’s
>recorded commencement address at Evergreen State College.
>Those fighting for justice refuse to be intimidated. While the FOP plays
>their "bad cop" role to hilt, we know that behind them stands a local
>national government program that is dedicated to wielding the weapon of
>executions as part of a much larger program of attacks on the people and
>sup-pression of dissent. And that is what we are out to defeat.
>Over 300 convictions have been recently reversed in Philadelphia because
>they were originally ob-tained on the basis of phony evidence fabricated
>the police. Now more than 80 people nationally have been freed from
>row after having been falsely convicted and sentenced to death. Police
>perjury and prosecutorial misconduct have become a national scandal.
>Refuse & Resist! pledges to stand by every business, institution, or
>individual targeted the FOP, and we call on everyone to report to us
>instance such threats. We look forward to thousands more joining in the
>movement for justice during the events of September such as Mumia 911,
>National Day of Art to Stop the Execution of Mumia on September 11, and
>national Mumia Awareness Week, September 19-25.
>The e-mail address of the FOP is glfop at
>Refuse & Resist!

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