Global warming kills

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Mon Aug 23 18:08:37 MDT 1999

Contrary to your assertions, there is simply NO evidence, no evidence
whatsoever, that anything humans have done have had any influence on, for
example, the number and intensity of hurricanes. Your position is simply a
religious one, pantheism, and I really don't see where it has any connection
with Marxism at all.

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>>But one might object, Mitch was a "natural" disaster, colonization a
>>disease. Was Mitch "natural"? As I write this, an extremely powerful
>>hurricane --more powerful than Mitch was when it made landfall-- is
>>approaching Texas. There will be, at most, a handful of deaths. The
>>for the high death rate in the case of Mitch and the low rate in the case
>>Texas are political, social and economic, acts of the market, not acts of
>Just a quick comment on this. Yes, it is political why the nations that
>smacked by the hurricanes were so woefully unprepared for it, and why so
>many die (and are dying) as a result. The opposite is also true in the case
>of Texas, I agree. But the existence of these disasters is not "an act of
>god", either. They are ALSO acts of humanity, they can only exist as result
>of all the things carried out by "us" against the planet. These phenomena
>get played down by the media, not built up. If the reality were to get a
>realistic amount of media coverage, we would all be permanently deluged
>just how badly the planets shape is in. They can't really spell it out, for
>they will not give up the car, meat consumption, etc.. to a reasonably
>sustainable rate.
>   That's all I have to say on this point.
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