Two Iraqi workers killed by US War planes

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Mon Aug 23 16:24:15 MDT 1999

It is important to note that these reports show only a small portion
of the scale of killing going on in the war being waged against Iraq.

Two Iraqi youth carpenters killed by US aircraft anti-personnel bomb.

August 23, 1999
  Web posted at: 3:00 p.m. EDT (1900 GMT)

MOSUL, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. and British warplanes killed two
civilians in an attack on anti-aircraft positions in northern
Iraq on Monday, Iraqi officials said.

The jets attacked a radar site near Mosul, the latest strike
in a long-running battle between Iraq and the allies who fought in
the 1991 Persian Gulf War. U.S. military officials said the planes
struck a military radar site only after Iraqi forces fired at them on
three separate occasions.

U.S.  officials said the facility is used to target coalition
aircraft. Iraqi officials who showed off the damage
Monday said the bomb killed two young carpenters.

The scene showed little evidence of bomb damage, but shrapnel
was scattered about the area. The local governor of Mosul
said the bomb exploded in mid-air.

Residents of the town say they frequently come under attack
from clashes in the northern "no-fly" zone, one of two set up
over Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf War.

Iraq has been trying since December to drive out the U.S. and
British pilots, complaining almost daily to the U.N. Security Council.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein held a meeting with high-
ranking generals Sunday night, and Iraqi officials have
issued a warning that they will increase their efforts to
shoot down Western warplanes.

The United States and Britain bombed Iraq for four days in December
after Iraq expelled U.N. weapons inspectors. Hussein announced after
those raids that Iraq would no longer
recognize the no-fly zones.

Since then, Iraqi anti-aircraft have routinely targeted the
U.S. and British jets that patrol the zones, and the pilots
of those planes have routinely attacked Iraqi air defenses.

Last week, Iraqi officials took reporters to another site
bombed by U.S. planes, where the remains of a civilian woman
were being pulled from the rubble.

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