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My response to the original message at the bottom.

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> I am all for helping needy students find employment in general, but is
> this not an example of use of campus email for the benefit of a particular
> corporate and private entity? This institution--an Agency of the
> Government of the State of Washington--is already privatized enough.
> Double standards on email use--as usual--anyone?
> For those taking up this offer, perhaps some tips from the Clark Model for
> hiring supervisors would be in order:
> 1) indicate you are a real "team player" and indicate you will never
> threaten anyone higher-up with excellence or competence;
> 2) gather and drop as many buzz words as possible from relevant
> professional journal sources;
> 3) Do not demonstrate any real or potentially threatening experience or
> competence in the areas for which you are being hired and/or in the areas
> of the supervisors doing the hiring;
> 4) Wear Rotary, Kiwanis or other networking organization pins prominently
> displayed;
> 5) Learn names of favored insiders of the institution and drop them during
> the interview;
> 6) Fawn over and flatter those doing the hiring and/or their higher-ups;
> 7) Indicate willingness to follow all orders to the letter including
> willingness to participate in
> anything--legal or illegal--as directed;
> 8) Indicate a fetish for wearing suits and desire to hang-out only with
> the suits;
> 9) Indicate total lack of any values or desires other than desire to get
> ahead and please the higher-ups;
> 10) Indicate willingess never to threaten or up-stage higher-ups and
> belief in the omnipotence and omniscience of those higher-ups;
> 11) indicate total contempt for the basic civil rights, expertise and
> contributions of subordinates;
> 12) indicate belief in one special set of performance and accountability
> standards for supervisors and their cronies and another set for everyone
> else;
> 13) indicate special desire for the job such that doing anything to invoke
> the wrath or displeasure of the higher-ups would be unthinkable;
> 14) demonstrate flexibility and situational ethics or even no ethics;
> 15) find-out names of those who have been marginalized/demonized by the
> higher-ups, never drop those names, and even join-in in the
> marginalization/demonization of those targeted for such by the higher-ups;
> 16) use as references, only those who can attest that you possess--and
> themselves possess--the above-mentioned and below-mentioned procliviities;
> 17) Find out which political party or organization appointed their
> networkers and fund-raisers as Board members, join and support that party
> or organization, seek continual access to network with the real
> higher-ups;
> 18) investigate any allegations against the higher-ups and/or alleged
> deficiencies of the organization and never refer to them and/or dismiss
> them as the rantings of some paranoid out to get the higher-ups;
> 19) practice ability to chit-chat about nothing while appearing to be
> concerned with matters of substance;
> 20) practice style over substance but never refer to any possible gap
> between style and substance;
> More to follow.
> Jim Craven
> James Craven
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> Vancouver, WA. 98663
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> From: Reese, George
> Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 1999 2:32 PM
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> Subject:      FW: opportunity at SEH America
> To all Clark students, faculty and staff:
> Here's an opportunity to gain some insight into the hiring process of a
> local employer while earning a little money on the side.
> SEH America is looking for students, faculty or staff to participate in
> role playing sessions that are part of their hiring process for
> supervisors.  SEH will train you for this experience.  Once trained, you
> will be invited to participate in role playing sessions scheduled
> throughout the year as needed by SEH.  SEH will pay $10 per hour for the
> both the training and the role playing sessions.
> The training and the first role-playing session are scheduled for this
> Thursday and Friday, August 26th and 27th.  Both will be all day
> commitments.
> To find out more, please call Karen Harmon, SEH America Recruiting
> Coordinator at 883-7595.

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