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Tue Aug 24 18:01:35 MDT 1999

Tips for getting hired as a supervisor from the Clark Model:

21) Assume the posture and temperament of someone who could sit on a lump of
coal and turn it into a diamond;
22) gather and be prepared to drop quotes from Machiavelli, Mein Kampf,
Henry Ford, Frederick Taylor etc during the interview;
23) Dress for SUCKcess;
24) Indicate belief in architecture, management, physical capital--certainly
not workers--as the essential factors in the overall production function;
25) If a "minority", attempt to "pass" and if unable to "pass", actively
disparage affirmative action and fellow "minorities";
26) Focus on maximizing revenues, minimizing costs and maximizing profits
and the favor of higher-ups and the key and sole criteria of "performance";
27) Find out local watering hole of management and go there for extra
networking/fawning efforts;
28) Attempt to incur disparaging comments against you from those about whom
management makes their own disparaging comments ( a negative recommendation
or "I am the enemy of your enemy").;
29) Give examples from previous supervisory experience of willingness and
ability to deny basic civil rights to employees and get away with it;
30) Indicate heavy financial and family responsibilities such that you could
never afford to lose your job and would do anything to keep it;

Jim C  ;-)

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