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Wed Aug 25 14:20:35 MDT 1999

At 19:47 25.08.99 +0100, E.C.Apling wrote:
>Just as an aside to this:
>Ireland issued two postage stamps to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the
>execution of Roger Casement in 1966, the year which also saw the 50th
>Anniversary of the Easter Rising commemorated with the issue of stamps
>figuring portraits of James Connolly, Thomas J Clarke, Patrick Pearse,
>Eamonn Ceannt, Sean MacDiarmada, Thomas MacDonasgh and Joseph Plunkett.
As far as I non-Irish know, the British government  returned the remains of
Roger Casement only in 1965 to Ireland. What a long hatered. far beyond the

Kurt Lhotzky, Vienna/Austria

PS.: Thanks to Louis Proyect for the poem!

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