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Wed Aug 25 21:50:37 MDT 1999

Jim Monaghan wrote:
> On a general point I believe that the real enemy of the Peruvian working
> class is Imperialism and their native allies.My only knowledge on Peru is
> Petras in the NLR and old articles by Hugo Blanco. The PCP became a threat
> to Imperialism because of its ability to organise sections of the
> peasantry.It fought a relentless enemy.Its history is not yet over.I
> distinguis between the fighters in the field like the PCF French
> resistance who made sectarian mistakes but whose main impetus was the
> fight against Nazism and Imperialism and those who still spout vicious
> sectarianism which leads to internecine violence
> But warts and all the struggle of the PCP lead insurgents deserve praise.

The problem with this argument is that it compares two things that don't
compare in the way that Jim wants them to.  He would liken the PCP to
the PCF which made errors but saw imperialism and nazism as the real
enemies and thus fought the good fight.  But the PCP did not see
imperialism as the main enemy.  No, that role it reserved for
Consequently, its greatest fury was not turned against the
multinationals or agencies of imperialist countries, but against the
labor unions, the legal left parties, town mayors, union negotiators,
popular organizations, community organizers, women's committees, etc.
Thousands of militants, village elected authorities, and organizers were
"anihilated" by senderista squads who did spout vicious sectarianism.

- Juan

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