East Timor Alert Network Urgent Call for Action

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Tue Aug 24 23:32:23 MDT 1999

East Timor Alert Network (ETAN)
August 24, 1999


Dear friends of East Timor,

We are just six days away from East Timor's best chance at freedom, and
Indonesia's military and militias are still doing all they can to
subvert the vote.

On Monday, August 30, amost 450,000 registered voters will decide for
or against autonomy (integration) within Indonesia.

It is essential that we do all we can to help make their best chance at
freedom as free and fair as possible.

Nobel Peace Prize co-laureate, Bishop Belo, wrote the following
editorial in today's New York Times. In it, he concludes that East
Timor's people need the international community to pressure Indonesia's
army to stop the violence.

Please help us convince our own foreign minister, Lloyd Axworthy, to
heed this call. Please call him, fax him, e-mail him -- please take the
time this week to do all you can to convince him it is time for Canada
to stand up to Indonesia's military regime.

Please ask Minister Axworthy to back the call for an immediate
peacekeeping presence, and use Canada's seat on the UN Security Council
to help make it happen.

Also urge Minister Axworthy to demonstrate Canada's committment to the
United Nations process in East Timor by showing the Indonesian military
regime that there will be consequences if the intimidation and violence

Appeal to him to announce that Canada will withhold all government to
government aid to Indonesia, and that Canada will cut all military ties
with Indonesia, until the military and its militia stops committing
atrocities, and fully respects Indonesia's obligations under the United
Nations accord.

Below we provide contact information for Minister Axworthy, as well as
Bishop Belo's article and some of the latest news from East Timor.

Please also consider writing letters to the editor, urging our Canadian
media to cover what Canada could be doing to help in East Timor.

Thanks for your support,

ETAN volunteers

Please email, fax, phone and mail your concerns to:

Lloyd Axworthy, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Phone: (613) 995-0153, Fax: (613) 996-3443
Fax by e-mail: remote-printer.Lloyd_Axworthy at 16139963443.iddd.tpc.int
E-mail: Axworthy.L at parl.gc.ca
Mailing address: House of Commons, Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6

Please also copy and contact:
Ken Sunquist, Canada's Ambassador to Indonesia
Embassy of Canada, Jakarta, Indonesia
P.O. Box 8324/JKS.MP Jakarta 12084 Indonesia
Phone: 011-62-21-525-0709, Fax: 001-62-21-571-2251

Robert Fowler, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations
Phone: (212) 848-1100, Fax: (212) 848-1195, 848-1192
E-mail: prmny at prmny01.x400.gc.ca
Additional/alternative email: canun at undp.org
Mailing address: Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations
One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, 885 Second Avenue, 14th Floor
New York 10017, N.Y., U.S.

Please also send us a copy of your letter to us, and contact us if you
need any more information:
ETAN National Office
Post Box 4115, Station E
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B1
Fax: (613) 230-8854, Email: info at etan.ca

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