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As I have so much respect for Louis, I'll leave it at that. But I will say
that what is "dialectical" about libertarianism, or more specifically a mass
movement based on libertarianism, right or "left", is that a mass movement
requires discipline, focus, willingness to sacrifice, yes democratic
centralism, dedication to a transcendent cause, etc, and yet libertarians
seem to be self-absorbed, narcissistic, selfish, myopic, elitist, insulated
and in love with the rhetoric and ideology that sanctions and celebrates as
virtues ("The Virtue of Selfishness", "Capitalism the Unknown Ideal", "Atlas
Shrugged") and "efficiency-producing", these above-mentioned and related
proclivities, and so a MASS movement based on the activities and
proclivities of these types of invidivduals can never go anywhere or do
anything but wreck other mass movements.

Jim C

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Jim Craven:
>This is my last comment. Just ignore them and eventually they go away back
>to their fellow self-absorbed narcissists to savor their "victories" over
>the infidels.

I have a lot of respect for Chris S. even though I have debated these
questions with him in the past. The goal is not to establish any kind of
consensus here, but to encourage debate without flaming.

Louis Proyect

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