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Fri Aug 27 23:20:21 MDT 1999

Sam Pawlett:

> > I was told by many Peruvians that Garcia and the leaders of the
> > MRTA[forget the main leader's name--he's in jail in Peru, was a student
> > at the Sorbonne or some other French university] were close friends,
> > that the MRTA grew out of APRA gangs in the 60's&70's. True?


>Yes. Esto es en principio cierto. El MRTA es un grupo guerrillero de una
>indole mucho mas nacional y vinculada a las tradiciones ideologicas
>que los seguidores del iluminado presidente Gonzalo. Y tiene que ver con la
>tradicion del APRA Rebelde de Luis de la Puente Uceda, la guerrilla aprista
>contemporanea de la del "morenista" Hugo Blanco.
> >

Is this the only link significantly different that the MRTA have drawn
differently from the PCP? Or would there be others? Also, if anyone knows,
what is the current fighting force of MRTA? The CIA lists them at 100-200.


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