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>Jim Monaghan escribio:
> > >The problem with this argument is that it compares two things that
> > >compare in the way that Jim wants them to.  He would liken the PCP to
> > >the PCF which made errors but saw imperialism and nazism as the real
> > >enemies and thus fought the good fight.  But the PCP did not see
> > >imperialism as the main enemy.  No, that role it reserved for
> > >"revisionism."
>Macdonald Stainsby respondio:
> > Sorry. wrong!
> > Should you have a look at their traditional historical practices against
> > their targets, you might notice that the PCP has not spent its time
> > at "legal left" parties (in Peru, this would would rank as a defintion
> > contradiction in terms!), but rather at blowing up the infrastructure
> > belonged to foreigners. If You wish to debate whether or not this was/is
> > viable tactic, go ahead. I'm not Peruvian, so I will bow out.
> > want it known that many properties that are/were owned by out of state
> > IMPERIALISTS have been blown up, not one of what you call "legal left"
> > offices.
>Creo que el equivocado eres tu, Macdonald. En primer lugar, creo que es
>desconocer las condiciones politicas del Peru, y de casi todos los paises
>sudamericanos -quizas con la relativa excepcion de Paraguay- afirmar que
>hablar de "izquierda legal" es una contradicción en los terminos. Estamos
>hablando de un periodo en el cual estaban plenamente vigente las garantias
>constitucionales en el Peru. Se trataba de un gobierno surgido por
>elecciones libres y sin condicionamientos dictatoriales. Sus atentados no
>estaban dirigidos contra grandes jefes nacionales capituladores -lo cual
>tampoco, en principio es aceptable desde la tradicion marxista de la lucha
>de masas-.Sendero se dedico a matar a dirigentes, a cuadros politicos
>populares, hombres y mujeres que vivian sin cuardaespaldas y sin ninguna
>estructura de seguridad en sus pobres hogares en los barrios marginales de
>Lima y otras ciudades. Cuadros representativos de sus zonas que disputaban
>con los representantes del presidente Gonzalo. El repudio que tales
>asesinatos producia en las colectividades donde ocurrian esta testimoniado
     If by my last post it appears that I was calling the PCP a "model", I
wasn't. This is the kind of behavior that will prove its own downfall,
however, I believe it is more in service to approach this with an eye to the
idea of it being far more positive for "Sendero" to have taken state power
than to be defeated. In the context of solidarity, I extend it to even those
(like the PCP) who would never dream of extending it to me.

>En segundo lugar, la afirmacion de Jim: "But the PCP did not see
>as the main enemy.  No, that role it reserved for "revisionism."", es una
>afirmacion politica, que debe ser contraargumentada politicamente. Que
>Sendero volase empresas imperialistas no demuestra necesariamente que su
>principal enemigo fuese el imperialismo.
     It would be silly to think otherwise. However, it is still the case
that Imperialism is not likely to share power in Peru with "these crazy
terrorist Maoists", and are neccessarily the main target.

Volar la oficina central de, para
>dar cualquier ejemplo, la Ford en Lima es un objetivo propagandistico
>militar muy interesante, porque tiene una inmediata repercusion
>internacional. Pero si lo que esa explosion logra es debilitar a un
>que sostiene una lucha desigual con el imperialismo, gobierno al que el
>imperialismo y la empresa agredida culparan por su incapacidad para detener
>"el terrorismo", el "antimperialismo" de los que volaron la Ford es
>"nominal", verbal, declarativo.

Agreed, if I take your facts as such (and on this I do).

En los hechos actuan como provocadores de
>izquierda al servicio del imperialismo. La posicion ultraizquierdista,
>antiurbana y abstractamente anticapitalista de Sendero determinaba que, en
>los hechos, tuviesen como principal contradiccion la de "capitalismo -
>socialismo" y no la de "independencia nacional - imperialismo".
Possibly this argument is "nominal" or "declarativo". While I see your point
as regards the backlash of attacking other left groups, I can not agree that
socialism vs capitalism is somehow in contradiction with
Imperialism-national independance. The argument is false for a semi-colony
like Peru, unless we are preffering Mullahs and other nominally
"anti-Imperialists" to the PCP. The defeat of Imperialism will only be final
with a true defeat of capitalism. Yes, when a choice is needed, the
international struggle must take precedent over the internal struggle, but
we do not need to propose that there is always acontradiction. In fact,
"country-selling dictatorship" is what PCP support groups have called
Fujimori's regime for quite some time. Again nominally at least, the link
between BOTH struggles appear to co-exist to the Gonzalo group. I certainly
doubt that the other left groups, while certainly occupying too much of
their time, were principle in the thoughts of the CC. It would seem that
they were trying to actually launch the final assault, and the great clashes
of 90-93 were central to the PCP.

> >       On this point, I will ask: Is it at the point generally where we
> > not "attack" ANY group that says the word "communist"? As such, at least
> > far as I know, the PCP has never attacked a base area of the Tupac
>No en el campo, porque no tenian puntos de contacto. Pero los
>enfrentamientos en la ciudad entre ambos han sido muchos.
> > But, yes, they have taken shots at the Cp's who play by
> > games, meaning electoral politics. This, when there is an armed struggle
> > the ground, is entirely within the realm of "legitimate targets" if any
> > social democrats are or have ever been.
>Creo que establecer una diferencia entre partidos electorales y partidos
>armados es antimarxista.
     I would agree with that if I were to state this at all times, in every
case. It would eliminate my claim to Marxist. The only "Marxists" in post
WWII Canada then would be the FLQ.
     In this case it's different. The PCP was a real threat to topple the
old regime. It had many different bases that were operating like towns. It
policed entire villages, across the countryside. As a class principle, as I
have stated before, in this situation I am entirely for the victory of the
PCP. A bad sectarian is the only example of what would oppose this, to my
view. Perhaps I should state then that you can't be "Marxist-Leninist" and
participate directly in the machinations of the state that are under attack
by peasants with guns, etc. This is not pulling together for the sake of
national independance either. It is saying that the revolution had better be
perfect, and to hell with what the peasants have fought for. Hate Gonzalo if
you wish. Remember that it was an indigenous-to-Peru "People's Army" that
looks defeated. Some "leftists" were busier running for office than to help.

No tiene absolutamente nada que ver con nuestra
>tradicion revolucionaria. Los bolcheviques se presentaban a elecciones en
>infame Duma de Nicolas II, mientras Koba asaltaba trenes en el Caucaso, con
>objetivos financieros. Es una diferencia tactica, no estrategica.

Great example, but I draw out a different interpretation as well. Let us say
the actual seizure of power was held off for even a month longer than it
was, with direct clashes between Bolshevik workers and whites in the
streets. Two weeks into these struggles another group of "marxists" run for
the Duma and openly call for the defeat of the Bolseheviks, fighting for
theirs lives. Would it be fair to say that the Bolsheviks would take aim at
these "mensheviks"? I would have hoped so, rather than give up the USSR that

>supuesto que esta afirmacion vale en ambas direcciones. La decadencia de
>Partidos Comunistas dependientes de la URSS en America Latina no se debio a
>que eran "electoralistas", frente al "exito" de quienes apostaban por "la
>lucha armada", error de concepcion que debemos al periodo "guerrillerista"
>de los cubanos. Han sido profundos errores de conceptualizacion teorica, de
>desconocimiento de las condiciones objetivas del desarrollo historico de
>cada uno de los respectivos paises, de satelizacion sumisa a Moscu, de
>prejuicios pequeñoburgueses, de dependencia respetuosa del marxismo
>entre otras razones, lo que determino la virtual liquidacio de los Partidos
>Comunistas en America Latina.
>Lamentablemente, en muchos casos, los partidarios de "la lucha armada", tan
>solo se diferenciaron de aquellos, por esta mera cuestion tactica. Pero
>sufrian o han sufrido de los mismos errores conceptuales que aquellos de
>quienes pretendian diferenciarse.
>Es absolutamente inaceptable el asesinato de militantes populares por obra
>de sectores que se reivindican como tales. Lo haya hecho Ho chi Minh o Mao
>quien fuera. Tan solo la delacion o la traicion son merecedoras de una
>medida de autoproteccion.
While I speak of some of these points, I will agree with your assessment of
the twentyfourth of July. Again I will say that it has helped in their
speedier than neccessary downfall. There are always different conditions.

>  It is not enough to say "communist"
> > to merely get off the hook.
>Esto es absolutamente cierto. Y es valido para todos los casos. Incluido el
>que analizamos.
>  In other words, it has never been shown to me on
> > any rational basis that there was any reason (besides the most wretched
> > forms of anti-maoist sectarianism) to not back the PCP while still
> > the FMLN. Had the El Salvadoran government "organised" groups of
> > "stop" the FMLN (at gunpoint), I would have whole-heartedly backed the
> > revolutionaries taking aim at this nonsense. Why not the PCP? I can not
> > answer.
>No estamos hablando tan solo de los enfrentamientos entre ronderos y
>senderistas. Estamos hablando de asesinatos en las ciudades de militantes
>populares que no tenian nada que ver con las fuerzas de seguridad.
I have trouble believing that the Rondas were armed "by themselves". Smells
like the KLA to me.

>Anyway, Macdonald, I hadn´t the opportunity to thank you for your last kind
>message "sent" to me. I do it now. I tried but it still difficult to write
>complex thinks in english. But, perhaps, in this way you can train your
>Saludos revolucionarios
>Julio F.B.
Funnily enough, I had just struggled (espanol/english dictionary in my lap)
though your post to read exactly what I was doing.


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