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Does anyone know a lot about the Iranian struggle, it appears to be
emerging again
Jim Monaghan
International Campaign in Defence of Iranian students
Statement Number 2
Urgent Call
Stop another massacre of political prisoners

Reports from Iran suggest that the Islamic authorities are planning
another blood bath in the country's prisons. Recent comments by Ayatollah
Yazdi and other senior judiciary officials, and leader columnists in the
newspapers linked to the security forces, leave little doubt that the
is planning a large scale execution of political prisoners, especially
arrested following recent students protests. It is not the first time that
religious despots in Iran have used mass execution of political prisoners
to confront popular opposition. Indeed the atmosphere today is reminiscent
of the weeks preceding the massacres of 1981-83 and again of 1988 after
Khomeini submitted to a cease fire in the Iran-Iraq war.
The students' protests of July supported by other social groups, have
challenged the legitimacy and authority of the regime at a level
with the defeat in the war with Iraq. It is not difficult to see the
regime's urgent need to launch a blood bath in order to assert its
authority and to confront the spreading protest movement.However, Given
the current internal and international climate, serious efforts at
stopping such a massacre are likely to be effective. Under these
circumstances we can be optimistic that an urgent, united reaction
 deter the Islamic regime from such a crime. It is with this conviction
that we, the  signatories of this statement, express our solidarity
with the democratic, anti-dictatorial movement of the Iranian people,
evident in last July's student protest movement and:
1- Consider all sentences issued against those arrested in
recent demonstrations and protests null and void and call
for the immediate, unconditional release of all those arrested,
including Manouchehr Mohammadi, Gholamreza Mohajeri-Nejad, Maryam
Shansi, Elaheh Amir-Entezam, Khosrow Seyf, Bahram Namazi, Heshmatollah
Tabarzadi ...
2- Condemn the continued harassment and detention of political
activists in Iran and demand an end to the terror unleashed by
tthe security forces.
3- Strongly support the students' demands for freedom of thought,
expression and organisation, and condemn attempts to disband
independent student associations.
4- Call on all political organisations, trade unions, political
and cultural personalities, academics and scientists to join
the international campaign to defend Iranian students and to
actively protest at state sponsored repression and crimes in
Iran. Make every effort to stop another blood bath.
5- Demand that an independent international commission is
allowed into Iran to investigate the chain of political murders,
as well as the attacks on students, writers and intellectuals.
6- Urgently call for an international tribunal to try the leaders
of the Islamic regime for crimes against the Iranian people. We
call on human rights organisations throughout the world to help
us prepare for such a tribunal.

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