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We seem to have gone into this "was there a bourgeois revolution?" last
year - see Lou's journal for June 1988.....

Perhaps the leading revolutionaries in Britain from Kett, through Cromwell
and Hampden were NOT bourgeois but actually yeomen (well-to-do peasants) -
but the results of their revolutions against the monarchy were the instution
of bourgeois (capitalist) society.  Yet you say a "revolutionary
bourgeoisie" never existed.

Is this not all just play on words?

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> While Marx integrated the theory of the bourgeois revolution into an
> all-encompassing political system that transcended it, there are still
> traces of the undigested muck that rise to the surface from time to time.
> The Communist Manifesto gives open expression to it, as does volume one of
> Capital. It took him an entire lifetime to digest this theory and
> put it in  its proper place, as nothing but a specific event that capped
> historical developments in specific European countries. In his letters to
> the Russian populists, he made it crystal-clear that the "stagist"
approach  > was not something that he endorsed. Proof of this was his
clarion call to
> prevent capitalist development in the Russian countryside at all
> costs. The  zemstvos would provide the basis for socialism; waiting for an
> > urban proletariat to develop was Plekhanov's "contribution."
Unfortunately, > > the "productivist" and "stagist" model of Marxism with
its bourgeois liberal
> roots lingers to this day. The only explanation is that bourgeois power is
> so enormous as to cloud the thinking of those who struggle to
> overthrow it.

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> Working class militancy is what's required, not cheer-leading for a
> "revolutionary" bourgeoisie that never really existed.
> Louis Proyect

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