Czech Communist Party Gains in Popularity

Sven Buttler sven.buttler at
Sat Aug 28 15:26:42 MDT 1999

Owen Jones wrote:

>--- This came as a big shock to me. I thought the restoration of capitalism
>in the Czech Republic was not as harsh as in the other former Soviet
>nations, and therefore anti-leftwing feeling was still strong due to the
>stagnation and oppression of the Stalinist system. Not so. According to
>this report from the rightwing think-tank, STRATFOR, in the opinion polls
>the Czech Communist Party has increased its popularity - more popular
>than the ruling Social Democratic Party.

>From which he cleverly concludes:

>This is obviously an important development.

Owen - your perception is unreal, really.

That aside, your politics are as lousy as ever. The mere imagination that
communists are back on the political scene must really be a shock to you
and your cronies. After all, your friends of the bourgeoisie thought they
buried communism for good.

Sven Buttler

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