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I thought this conference in Moscow would interest the list
Jim Monaghan

c/o M. Voyekov,
Institute of Economics,
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Nakhimovsky Prospekt 32,
Moscow 117218, Russia.
Tel: +7-095 332 4525
Fax: +7-095 310 7001

August 1999

Dear Friend,

"The World Crisis of Capitalism and the Post-Soviet States" - An
International Conference. Moscow, Saturday 30 October - Monday 1 November

Please find below the preliminary agenda for the conference. The organisers
are very pleased by the response to our call and thank you all for your
expressions of interest.

The Centre for Socialist Theory & Movements at Glasgow University has
kindly offered to post material for the conference on their web site (full
address: We ask all those who have
sent synopses to send copies of their papers to us, as soon as possible -
either on disks to the centre, to Simon Pirani at smpirani at,
or to Yassamine Mather at yasmine at We will endeavour to put
the material on to the site during September and to arrange for copies of
it to be available at the conference.

If you hope to go to the conference please bear in mind:

(1) You should send AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to the Institute of Economics (best
by fax on 007095 310 7001, marked for attention of Natalia Milovankina) all
the details needed for the Institute to issue your invitation (i.e. full
name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date of expiry,
organisation, position/job title, address+phone, fax/email (if available),
Russian consulate/embassy at which you will apply for visa, dates of trave
(i.e. earliest possible date of arrival and latest possible date of
departure). You need such an invitation to obtain a visa to travel, and
applications should be made for visas at least six weeks before travelling.

(2) Please notify us at least a week in advance if you wish to be met at
the airport. Please notify us if you require accomodation.

(3) In the initial invitation we asked attendees to ask their institutions
or organisations to make a contribution towards costs to cover costs of
interpretation (the conference will be held in Russian and English) and
reproducing papers. As a rough guide, we would ask those attending from
outside Russia to contribute $50 each. In the unlikely event that we
receive anything over and above these costs, it will be used to assist
students and worker activists in the former USSR and eastern Europe who
have expressed an interest in the conference but who would need assistance
with travel costs to attend. (If you are not financed by an institution
and/or would find it difficult to pay, just let us know.)

Correspondence may be addressed to Professor Mikhail Voyekov at the
Institute of Economics (address above), Suzi Weissman in the US (e-mail
sweissman at, fax +1-818-990-6835), or Simon Pirani in the UK
(e-mail smpirani at, fax +44-181-333-2152).

Best wishes,

The conference organisers.


"The World Crisis of Capitalism and the Post-Soviet States" - An
International Conference: Moscow, Saturday 30 October - Monday 1 November

Preliminary agenda

1. Opening session (Saturday 30 October): The World Crisis - General Issues

Aleksandr Buzgalin (Moscow State University): The Crisis of World
Capitalism and the 21st Century

Hillel Ticktin (Glasgow University): The Nature of Crisis Following the
Cold War

2. (Sunday 31 October): Economic aspects of the world crisis

Aleksandr Kolganov (Moscow State University): The Economic Transformation
of the Post-Socialist States of Eastern Europe

Hugo Radice (University of Leeds, UK): Capitalism Restored: East-Central
Europe in the Light of "Globalisation"

Stavros Mavroudeas (University of Macedonia, Greece): Crisis, Capitalism's
New Stage and the Post-Soviet States

F. Klozvog (Russian Academy of Sciences): Economic Tendencies and
Perspectives of the CIS

Peter Glatter (University of Wolverhampton, UK): Elites In Transition: The
Case of Russia

Simon Pirani (journalist and researcher) and Ellis Farrell (University of
London, UK): Western Financial Institutions and Russian Capitalism

3. (Sunday 31 October): Theoretical and political views of the world crisis

S. Dzarasov (Russian Academy of Sciences): The Nationalist Socialism of the
"Golden Billion" and the Fate of Russia

Terry Brotherstone (University of Aberdeen, UK): After Stalinism, Beyond
Capital: Istvan Meszaros, History and the Present Crisis

David Bedggood (University of Auckland, New Zealand): The Current Crisis
and the Political Fallout on the "Left": Schumpeter, Foucault, Wallerstein,
Brenner and Marx

Paresh Chattopadhyay (Universite de Quebec a Montreal, Canada): Market
Socialism: A Capitalist Alternative to Capitalism

4. (Monday 1 November): The Left: Results and Perspectives

M. Gretzky (Russian Academy of Sciences): Twentieth-Century Western
Marxism: Results

Cyril Smith (London School of Economics, UK (ret'd)): Socialism at the Turn
of the Century

Alexeii Gusev (Moscow State University): Russian Communism Since The

Suzi Weissman (St Marys College USA): [title to be confirmed]

Francisco T. Sobrino (Herramienta editorial board, Argentina): Essays on
the Interpretation of the Cuban Revolution

Yassamine Mather (Glasgow University, UK): The Iranian Left Twenty Years On

Mikhail Voyekov (Russian Academy of Sciences): Marxism and the Theoretical
Wanderings of the 20th Century

Sessions will be opened with the papers indicated, followed by discussion
from the floor. The languages of the conference are Russian and English. A
final agenda will be distributed in September. We have already received
more papers than can be catered for on this agenda; we will endeavour to
arrange for these to be presented at workshops, distributed to conference
delegates in written form etc.


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