On Judging and not reading

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMhotmail.com
Sun Aug 29 00:15:00 MDT 1999

> >Whoever wrote this should be condemned to an eternity of trying
> >to read the collected Shakespearean criticism of the 20th century.
>It  was me, and your consistent and obviously deliberate misrepresentation
>of my position is digusting.  Stop it.
> >Those who make statements such as that quoted above are
> >either liars or braindead. They must know that they have
> >failed to read an enormous amount of material that they
> >nevertheless reject as false.

Nick: This is way too much. Anyone who was unsure in their reading of this
argument hardly is being won over by this kind of rant.


>Here is something for you to read.  Look up the definition of "straw man"
>and report back on why you insist on using it, rather than dealing
>with the issue.  Also, explain why you like to kidnap children and train
>them to be Nazis on an Argentinian grape farm.  I have no information about
>you doing this, of course, but durnit, you just said I can have opinions
>without information.
This makes no point at all, other than you are obviously very frustrated in
your workplace.

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